Pet portrait

Practical Arts N°123 / August-September 2015

How to make the expressiveness of a pet, give a vivid and suggestive in his line to make a convincing animal pastel portrait ?  To paint Tania, his English setter lemon, Patrice Bourdin focused its process on some key points, using a limited palette.

article sur technique de pastel explicant comme Patrice Bourdin fait un portrait animalier Deux pages de Practique des Arts sur portrait animalier basé sur un pastel de Patrice Bourdin

While painting in pastel on canvas

Practical Arts N ° 111 / August-September 2013

Pastel on canvas, technical rapid, spontaneous particular allows beginners to become familiar with the colors, you should look a little "In him by now." I recommend starting experience with small formats, increasing evidence to test the effects, different from those obtained on paper.

First page article Patrice Bourdin Third page Article Patrice Bourdin

Fallow in Berry

Practicas des Arts N°105 / August-September 2012

On the occasion of the Annual Exhibition of the Art of Pastel in France, Patrice Bourdin gratified happy technique lovers with an outdoor demonstration : a landscape of Berry where the artist lives, made ​​from memory.

Patrice Bourdin explains how to do the drawing, the sky, the distant grounds, the intermediate one and the tree in the foreground. Second page, explanation of how to give texture to the foreground.
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